Havells 1840-Watt Steam iron

Next on our rundown is the Havells Magnum Steam Iron with an 1840 wattage. With a double fixed steam generator, this iron gives an incredible exhibition and is spill-proof of the water inside it. 

Talking about the water, the tank limit of the iron is at 300 ml, adequate to press and steam the garments of a little family. You should simply fill in the gadget with water, plug it to a board, switch it on, and begin utilizing it to expel wrinkles. 


The handle of the steam iron has an ergonomic, awesome, and delicate grasp that gives your hands excellent solace while you approach your pressing and steaming. 


As the eruption of the steam is vertical, you need not continually put on something else while pressing. Legitimately place the garments and go about as though you are ordinarily pressing garments. 


The nonstick soleplate is perfect for steaming and pressing of various and any sort of fabric material without causing any sort of consumption or sticking harm to the material. 


Given the smooth progression of the item over garments, one can’t expect extraordinary press of the garments like a run of the mill iron. It works best as a wrinkle remover than a hard garment press. 


In any case, at that point, given the warmth and steam abilities of the iron, it can undoubtedly expel the said wrinkles. A variable steam control present on the dashboard of the iron will allow you to change and control how the weight the steam streams out of the iron. 


Aside from these, the iron is additionally hostile to scaling. This implies the iron doesn’t let any sedimentation or stores sit on it. Regardless of whether there are any thusly, oneself cleaning usefulness will deal with it.


Notable Features:

  • Self Cleaning Capability 
  • Against Drip 
  • Non-Stick soleplate 
  • Vertical group burst
  • gainst sedimentation or scaling  
  • Delicate Grip



With a 2-year maker’s guarantee on the item and the inborn Havells trust, this steam iron is a decent purchase for single men who are constantly moving and little families too.



  • Expends 1840 watts 
  • Against Drip and Anti-sedimentation alongside self-cleaning makes it an extraordinary purchase for lethargic single men 
  • Has a simple to tune variable steam usefulness
  • Ergonomic and simple to grasp the handle 
  • 2 Years of guarantee on any assembling absconds.



  • Could enhance the weight of the steam discharged 
  • Can’t expel hard-squeezed wrinkles without any problem


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